July 25, 2008
By Tyler Tebo, N.Grosvenordale, CT

Life has its moments of happiness, of triumph, of love, of sadness, and of deep depression. Amoung these catagories fits seperation. It is a time when something that you hold dear is ripped unwillingly from your life. In my opinion it is one of the harder things to deal with. The memories that you shared with that person flood your conscience and threaten to overwhelm your now battered defences. the memories you shared with that person and the support of those who care for you are the only things that get you through that time of mourning. some mourn for a longer time than others but seperation stings worse than any poison. Thankfully, time heals all injuries. Be it a month, a year, or five years, eventually one will get over the incredible pain that accompanies the knowledge that you can no longer spend time with the one you hold dear...Then after seperaton comes the positive attribute of acceptance. You accept whats no longer there and you cope. You realize that life goes on and you find someone whom you can talk to. Talking with that person helps fill the void even further. This is seperation, its overbearing sadness and its great ability to strengthen you.

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