Foreclosing Homes

July 16, 2008
By fatou dia, Springfield, VA

I believe that many people living in the United States would agree with me when I say that the biggest problem that we Americans face on a daily basis as of 2008 is the issue of foreclosing homes. If I was the one that would take on the future position as the next president of the United States, I would make this issue of foreclosure crisis my primary focus throughout my presidential mandate. Foreclosure is very much real and has already made victims out of thousands of people who thought they had made themselves homes that could never be taken away from them. In my county and in every other county throughout the United States many houses are left vacant with their evicted former owners living on the streets and fighting for the “warm spots” during the winter. To me, this is just inhumane and inacceptable and it is time someone did something about it. As the presidents of the United States, my first action toward this issue would be to arrange a meeting with the representatives from all mortgages banking system and have a serious talk with them. This meeting would only conclude only when one of two resolutions was to be attained: resolution #1 would involve the consent of the banks to work in direct partnership with the government which would save the banks from bankruptcy and give us the power to regulate a buyer’s payments and interest rates. Resolution #2 would consist of the transfer of ownership of all real estate, meaning that the government will be the recipient of buyer’s mortgage payments. The government having the best interest for its people in mind won’t try to swindle buyers with hidden fees or inflating interests. If any of these two resolutions was to be met while I was president, housing would be affordable to anyone who needed one and nobody would have to worry about foreclosure because of their inability to pay the monthly charge since this one would be made affordable for everyone.

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