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May 29, 2008
Lake Tahoe Dreams
Deep within the pure magnificent white hills of California, sun rays were beginning to peer drearily over the horizon. Brilliant morning light pierced the frosty cabin windows and into the cozy loft. Sitting up with dreary eyes and observing my surroundings, I rose from my bed as my joints ached alarmingly in protest. I had to bear the aches and pains for at least one more day. I drearily stepped over my brother’s vacant mattress in an attempt to retrieve my glasses from out of my bag. My attention was seized by a newly strung cob web masterfully constructed in the light wooden corner.
As I began my careful decent down the steep creaky steps, I took in the brilliant surroundings. The comfortable cabin was wrapped in a thick shell of fluffy snow. I felt like young chick resting in its warm egg shell with nothing but the color white engulfing him. I could smell the sweet aroma of my mom’s famous cinnamon hot chocolate and warm maple syrup. I made my way into kitchen to find my parents, brothers and sister all gathered around the table for breakfast. There familiar voices were a comfort to hear as they laughed about silly events that had occurred throughout the week. A soft warm heat un-expectantly drifted into me hugging my right side. The smooth granite tiles underneath my feet were surprisingly warm. Turning in confusion I found a pleasant glow coming from the intricate fire stove. Seven pairs of gloves sat scattered in multiple positions close by. Each pair of gloves helplessly struggled for more heat so that they would be dry before the start of the new day. I sat down to join in my families cheerful stories.
We talked and laughed for about an hour while we leisurely ate waffles with creamy peanut butter and warm maple syrup on top. I didn’t think I would ever be able to return to my feet after having been swallowed deep into comforts of the brown leather couch. This past week of snowboarding on the slopes had really taken its toll on my muscles. This cabin was the perfect balance to the hard work of shredding snow.
“Let’s check the weather report for today,” suggested my brother Ryan.

After moments of static came a rather excited announcement.

“If you thought the snow was good yesterday, just wait for today! We had a snow storm last night leaving us with nearly two feet of powder and the weather couldn’t be better. Our high for the day is predicted to be around sixty-five degrees so strap on yo..”
Before the reporter could finish his sentence my brother had already flipped off the TV. It was obvious that neither of them needed further instruction.
“I can’t wait to shred that!” said my sister Rachel
They rose from their chairs nearly simultaneously as they hurried to grab their gear. Despite my aches and pains, I wanted to live this vacation to the fullest. Putting my breakfast aside, I strutted to the back door and began twisting the rusty gold knob. Leaning my shoulder into the door, I was not expecting the sight I would behold. The stunning sight almost caused my knees to give way. It was as if I was granted the opportunity to peer through the gates of heaven. Florescent white hills all blankly stared directly at me. Hundreds of chairs lined the terrain, gently swaying in the wind. The round tangerine sun was now risen fully above the horizon and climbing its way into the unstirred ocean above. I could see the chill brisk air as it danced in circles around the landscape; picking up swirls of snow in the process. I retrieved a breath of frosty air as it undid the warmth that the hot chocolate had brought to my lungs. Just moments later I could hear a beautiful song as the wind whistled by my ears. It didn’t take long to realize that this day would be a day never to be forgotten.

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