Toe Heads

May 29, 2008

“Just look at all the cute toe heads.” This is something I have heard since I could talk. Whether my family and I were taking a walk, in are yard or out and about, people were constantly talking about the toe heads. I will tell you that the worst thing about being called a toe head, half the time people don’t remember your name.

Getting the toe head looks started way back when the family tree started. Both my parents growing up had bright white/blonde hair. My mom’s hair has always been long with beautiful blonde locks that could turn anyone’s head. My dad’s hair was always thick and filled with the sun’s radiant glow. Although my dad’s hair didn’t stay blonde forever, he definitely gave the trait to my brothers and I.

Let’s start with me. I was born with thick black hair and my parents thought I looked like a monkey. After I was a few weeks, my hair went straight from dark as night to bright as day. Since my mom and my aunt are hair stylists they were fathomed by my white locks. They always wanted to curl it and put it up like it was some bouquet of flowers, and I hated it. I liked my hair stick straight and still do.
Then there were my brothers Alex, Austin, and Addison. All three of my brothers looked nothing like me when they were born. They were all born with blonde hair and blue eyes, and my parents couldn’t understand why I was the only one with black hair.

The toe head trait has settled way back in my families’ history. All my cousins on my dad’s side have all had bright white blonde hair. You could always tell that we were family because of all the white heads running around. All of us kids having white heads was hard enough to keep track on who was who, but my parents must have wanted things to be complicated and my brothers and I all have A names. So now you can picture four children running around with bright blonde hair and they all start with the letter A. I have no idea what my parents were thinking but they gave us are family uniqueness and definitely the family trait.

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