May 29, 2008
By Amanda Mendyk, Hartland, WI

Where I’m from

My child hood growing up dealt with presents, dog bones and late night laughter. Living in my grandma’s house from age 0-4 was like being spoiled for the rest of your life. We would stay up laughing and giggling in her bed late at night and my dad would come in to yell at us. We thought it was funny when he got cranky. Then there was the dog bone secrecy. For some odd reason I wanted to taste a doggie bone. Well one became two and two became three and so on. I loved the taste of them it was like taking a spoon full of frosting into your mouth. One day when I was eating my snack, I heard some one coming into the kitchen so I hid underneath the kitchen table. Unfortunately I couldn’t out smart my dad and he caught me. I’m pretty sure he laughed and then told me that dog bones weren’t for me to eat.

Where I’m from I believe comes from all the memories I have lodged in my brain. My childhood memories are the greatest and I have fun telling them. I grew up like most families with a mom and a dad. But what I think makes my family unique was that my mom was only 17 when she had me. I come from two people who loved each other and started dating when my mom was 13 and my dad was 17. After my parents were dating for about 5 years my mom got pregnant with me. Yes she was young but my dad was already 21 and he had a job and was going to school so he was stable. I really admire how much work my parents have done to raise me and my three brothers. Its not that common that young couple stay together when they have a child at such a young age.

Another memory I have from growing up is when I swallowed my first quarter. “Yes a quarter,” I was about four years old and I was at my grandma’s house. I saw some “chocolate coins,” behind the couch and I started to eat one. Well it happened to be a quarter, and thankfully my dad came down stairs as it was happening and saw my face turning as blue as a blueberry. He then stuck his had in my mouth to try and turn the quarter so I would have more breathing room. Then I was at the hospital and my doctor said that if my dad hadn’t moved the quarter for me to breath better I probably wouldn’t have made it. Even though I was young I remember that day so well, and it was frightening to me and my family.

Where some one is from can be the most exiting and exhilarating, times in there life and just listening to all the stories can tell you a lot about that person.

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