Where I'm From

May 29, 2008
I am from a loving family.
From Scott and Kim,
Who attend every gymnastics meet.
I am an older sister,
A younger sister,
And one of the five J’s.
I am from papers hanging on the fridge,
To the trophies and medals
Lining the fireplace.

I am from “it’s time to go.”
And Church on Sundays.
The frozen pool anxiously awaiting summer,
To the abandoned cabin up north,
Because it is too cold to go.
I am from the untouched swing set,
And the trampoline filled with snow,
To the fireplace still crackling,
And the little “meows.”

I am from warm cookies out of the oven,
And the packed dinner table.
I am from the family
Where not everyone lives at home anymore,
Yet the family that is most happy
When everyone is together.

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