Life and Love

September 4, 2012
By Rangerwolf SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
Rangerwolf SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
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"Love is love and love is blind, its sole purpose being to pair each with one other." ~ A quote by me.

Life and Love, one in the same, walking through Time's hall, Love always messing with Life's frail capsule, bringing thoughts o f the past to the foreground, but Life marches on, no matter who or what Love brings to mind, Life will march on even though the frail body it inhabits aches and is brought to tears because of Love. But Life knows there is no stopping in Time's hall, even though the body wants to smell the roses, or take a while to rest, Life goes on with Love walking beside it. Though Love will be a gently and kind creature, bringing forth sweet delights for Life's frail capsule to enjoy, Love will also bring memories, both bitter and sweet rolled into one, to make Life's capsule yearn for what use to be. But Life only has one thought on mind, forward, and forever forward it shall move, till Death brings the capsule home to begin once more in Time's halls.

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