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May 29, 2008
By Amanda Mendyk, Hartland, WI

Amanda currently lives in Hartland, Wis, with her three younger brothers and mom and dad. She has lived in the lake country area for about 12 years, and is very happy with the location and the people in the village. Living with three brothers, Amanda has grown up to be responsible young women with a great grasp on life.

Amanda enjoys hanging out with her family and friends and couldn’t be happier with the support and love she is provided with. She doesn’t enjoy the cold winters in Wisconsin but she loves Christmas and the wonderful decorations. Her favorite season is summer, because her birthday is in June, and the nice calming weather and all the fun activities you can do.

Amanda has always enjoyed writing. When she was younger she loved making up her own lyrics to songs. When she was in her junior year of high school she started to enjoy writing poems. She says it was this feeling of emotion she started having and it gave her the motivation to put her thoughts down. Amanda has only shared one of her poems with Eclectic Soup, done at Arrowhead High school.

Amanda likes to write about lots of things but she has to admit she can only right meaningfully when she is in the right moment and mood. “I need a source of emotion for what I begin writing about,” she says. A lot of her writings are in: poems, lyrics, and papers to friends, family, and to herself. “I love to right stories about my life, to me it’s a cleansing feeling you get when you have just accomplished something so meaningful to you.” “I like to say it’s the beginning and end of two doors opening and closing.”

Although she will be graduating this year(2008), she plans on continuing her writing no matter if she does something with writing in her career or not. “Writing is amazing in my eyes and if everyone could understand that it’s a powerful message coming from your heart.” She says that she is happy with all the English teachers she’s had over the years because they have taught her so much and with out them she probably wouldn’t have consider writing. Amanda will be attending UW-Waukesha next fall and she hopes to send some of her work to the local News paper or the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Amanda will be living with her family and she is proud to admit that it won’t bother her because after all she is paying for college and it will be easier living with her parents. She will be working, along with going to school. In the future she plans to get a well paying job with a nursing license and move out on her own. Amanda believes that college can still be fun without the party seen and her motivation comes from looking into the future. She knows that focusing on herself and God will help her get through life and achieve her goals.

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