This Too Shall Pass

May 28, 2008
By vanessa fate, Laurinburg, NC

My life has taken a toll... no one is in my corner but me...
I am my own inspiration
My pride plays no factor any more... i've grown
Awaken from a dream that told my life it was disaster
I said, " Not so."
I must dare to be different
And if different means not fitting in then I guess I'll be lame
I'm learning to love myself
You say i'm changing... nah i'm jus growing
You say i'm trippen... no, i'm jus making things right
I had to let things go in order to move forward
I feel peace within....
I've hurt some by moving on but I have to make ME happy
So entangled in others feelings, I forgot about my own
I got what I deserved.... Life
My family? where?
What next when your mom turns her bak on you for a man she married?
Puts him and his family before you...
Hurt and Betrayal has set in
I must forgive but it's not forgotton
I made mistakes, true, but how will I know what they are til I make em
I fell in love one too many times
Heartbroken... the worst condition to be in
I thank the one's who've broken my heart
Lesson learned
Allowed me to grow stronger... wiser... I AM
I've won some lost some
Lost my flesh and blood but I will no longer weep
In losing my mind... I searched for answers
And I found myself...
I looked in the mirror and all I could say was, " This too shall pass"

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