Surprises happen Good or Bad

May 28, 2008
By Conner Jenkins, Park City, UT

Surprises happen Good or Bad

“Come on” yelled my Mom we are boarding the plane. I ran over to her. Then we boarded the plane to Nashville but our family had no idea what was in store for us there.

We landed the plane with a thump and I looked out the window. It was a nice day But I had a bad felling that something was wrong. But I didn’t say any thing. After that we went and picked up the bags and got the rental car.

Then we went to the hotel and checked in and went to the room. I think it was a nice one. It had a nice view and two beds. My Mom went to a office to set up and me and my dad went swimming. When my mom got back we went to dinner.

When we got back from dinner I took a shower than walked around the lobby and then went to bed.

When I woke up I looked out side the window. The ski was grey and dark with many clouds. I thought it was going to rain as I would find out I was wrong. I went with my Mom to the office in Nashville. While she was working I went to get a soda in the break room.

While I was in the break room a bunch of people where watching the TV. So I started to watch too. It was the weather. I started to watched it because I thought it was going to rain. But the weather man said something about tornados.

So I went to tell my Mom and she said “its ok we will wait to see if it comes true” about an hour later we heard a siren so the people there told us to go to the bank to hide the vault.

So we ran down the stairs to the bank to hide in the vault after an hour we went back to the office and I looked outside and there were about 10-15 funnel clouds. Maybe 30 minutes later the siren rang again so we ran back to the bank then we went back to the office and this happened for the next 5-6 hours. The last time a tornado went right by us and hit some buildings around us. After that day the trip was fine and then we went back to Arizona and told tons of people.

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