Water World

May 28, 2008
By ashley mccoy, St.louis, MO

Getting hit unexpectedly from behind with a water balloon
Our faces sparkling with excitement and joy
Grown-ups coming out with buckets filled with water balloons
Laughing out loud
Kids filling pails,buckets, and cups with water from the hose
Waiting for the war to begin
As the grown-ups reached down for their water balloons, we sprang into action
The kids yelled as we sprinted to the other side of the yard
The grown-ups yelled as they came toward us
We looked like a bunch of trucks getting ready to crash
Grown-ups tackling the kids
Throwing balloons out of control like a machinethat has never been fixed
Grown-ups dominaiting us
Kids split up dodging the water balloons
Girls covred the front yard.
Boys going through the alley jumping fences to cover the back yard
Grown-ups were chasing us down the street and around the corner
They looked like they were about to kill us
While the grown-ups were chasing the boys
Girl grabbed the water hose and they turned it on full blast
Grown-ups flew back into cars like they just lost a fight.

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