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May 28, 2008
By Andy Haenisch, Hartland, WI

As a current high school student, soon to be college student, New Balance shoes are the ideal shoes for me. Your shoes are incredibly comfortable; they make for the perfect everyday shoe. As a soon to be college student, I will be tight on cash. This is why New Balance shoes are for me. They are great shoes at a reasonable price. I am currently wearing the orange, white, and black 574 classic model in size 9.5.

Everyday, when I leave my house, I strap on my New Balance classics and go on my way. I am currently on my third pair of New Balance classics, and I have loved each pair. However, every pair has had the same problem. On each shoe, the toe flap has ripped off. (Please see the attached picture for more detail.) After this happens to my shoes, I continue to wear them until I am unable to do so. I live in Wisconsin and during the winter, there is a lot of water on the ground. Without the front sole of my shoe, the cold water seeps right in.

Your wide variety of classic shoe styles and colors keeps me overjoyed with your company. Not to mention the affordable price is another key factor. When picking out a new pair of shoes, it takes me an eternity due to the wide variety. Due to your great shoes, I will continue to be one of your proud customers, because I trust that you are working on the toe flap issue. However, I hope you’ll fix the toe flap problem.

I will continue to wear your New Balance classic shoes. They are my absolute favorite shoes on the planet. Thank you for taking your time to read my letter. You can contact me at the above address or at ***-****.

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