Morning Cruise

May 28, 2008
By BENJAMIN Bradfield, Houston, TX

Morning on the Boat

Five thirty in the morning I open my eyes and at first the cabin is a blur and my brother has the A/C set to sixty-two degrees. I shiver out of bed and crank the A/C up to seventy-five degrees and get back in bed and warm up a little bit and look out the little circular window by my bed and look out into the ocean.

I hear my mom open the door to her room and I see her shadow under my door as she passes in the hall. I get dressed and dash down the hall to catch up to her and walk out to the deck of the cruise ship with her. We walk outside to deck and it’s a little nippy out. I see my mom sit down near the railing and I pulled up a chair next to her and talked to her about random stuff and looked out over the railing to watch the sunrise. We heard a couple of splashes in the ocean so we looked over the railing and saw a school of dolphins swimming near the ship. After we watched the dolphins for a few minutes they swam off and my mom and I just went back to talking about more random things.

About five or ten minutes later my mom and I hear some more splashing in the water. My mom looks over and sees a whale swimming in the ocean and tells me to look out at the whale. Since we’ve never seen a whale up close like this before she was getting all excited and could hardly stay in the chair. She pulls out her camera and snaps off a few pictures of the whale as it swims by the ship.

After the whale swam off my mom and I went to the buffet and got some breakfast and talked about seeing the dolphins and the whale and talked about a few other things and after we ate breakfast we went back to our cabins and I went back to sleep to get in a few more hours of sleep before we got off the ship to visit the city of Cancun for that day.

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