May 28, 2008
By sarah dooley, Lincolnton, NC

Exhibitionism is a type of paraphilia that consisits of intense, continuous sexual urges to expose one's genitals to an innocent bystander. The ultimate goal of an exhibitionist is to shock or arouse the victim, not to sexually abuse. This sexual disorder is almost always exclusively found in males, and the victims are almost always exclusively females. The origin of the disorder is not conclusive. Researchers believe that the origin possibly comes from mothers who do not love their boy children, because they are boys. Therefore the exhibitionists expose themselves to women to force them to accept them as men. Treatment for this disorder generally does not work, though selective serontonin receptive inhibitors are showing promise. This class of antidepressants supress the sex drive, thus lessoning the likelihood of more flashing. The medicine does not treat the illness. It merely keeps it in check. Victims of the flashers are not physically harmed, but they usually claim to have been emotionally violated. This causes the women not to report the exhibitionists as often, and this causes the incidence and prevalence rates to be entirely unknown. If you are ever approached by a flasher, just ignore them.

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