May 27, 2008
By Joe De Santis, Park Ridge, IL

Going to such a small school has been a big part of most of my life. Since I was little I have always been in schools and classes with about fifteen kids in them. I have learned to become close with the people that I have spent most of my life with in school. Starting with the early years of my life at a Lutheran school, first grade was when I started being in small classes. The kids I started to connect with and become friends with were Eric, Jack, Alex and Karl.

My best friend, at the time, had to have been Karl because we had gone to the same tiny kinder garden class, which was the most horrible place I could have gone with dirty bathrooms that had scum and mold in the corners and only three teachers in the whole building which had to have been the meanest people, so in order for me to get along in that place I had to find a buddy, and it was Karl. The only reason I went to a Lutheran school is because I knew Karl was going to that school.

In first grade I got along pretty well till I herd the worst news of my life, Karl was transferring schools. He was moving to Arkansas. I had no idea of this till he announced it to the whole class. I was shocked. The things that went through my mind, confusion, anger, sadness, how am I suppose to get along with out my best friend. I finally had to deal with the pain of him moving. I dealt with it. Then I was on my own and had to make better friends. I had then become good friends with Eric, Alex, and, Jack.

Alex was my best friend through sixth grade and still a good friend through eighth grade. In seventh and eighth grade I had become good friends with Jack and Eric. I was so close with the people in my class because I had known no other people besides them. I had worked and played with them my whole life and high school has never crossed my mind at all until my eighth grade teacher who was the meanest most grueling and hard teacher of all. She had mean stare and wasn’t afraid to fight. She had said in dark screechy voice, “So, I can’t wait till I get rid of you guys and you go to high school”. It hit me right then and there, am I going to see my friends again, am I going to have to start all over, I don’t want to, and I think I want to go to a small school. I couldn’t wait to ask my friends what high school they were going to. I whispered. “ Be quiet or it’s the principle for you”. I got caught and one more time and I were in trouble. I have never been down there in my whole time since first grade. Finally I had time to ask. The first person I asked was Alex, who had been a really close friend. “ Which high school are you going to?”. “Resurrection”. I was zero for one. I had no idea she was going to resurrection. I didn’t ask Eric or Jack yet because I did not see them till the next day. I asked some other kids in the class. “What a high school that is small like this school”. They laughed. “There is no high school with fifteen kids in a class, but there is high schools that are smaller than others”. I guess I had to adapt. I got home and looked for schools that were smaller than others. I looked but my parents wanted me to go to Maine South. I had the choice though. I found some smaller ones. I wanted a smaller school so I can be close with people and a kid from class was going to that school. I thought a small school would have been good so I can make better friends and knows more people. It was the next day. I asked Eric and Jack at the same time, “Maine South” they said simultaneously. I was crushed. They started to talk to me on how it would be fun to go there. I knew those two but with such a big school would I ever see them and be able top talk to them or am I going to be a loner and have no friends to talk to and sit alone at lunch. Then they said to me that with so many people at that school that it was easier to make friends because there are such a wide variety of people. I started to think and ponder about what they said. I went to check out the school. It looked pretty nice from what I saw and they had nice sports teams, which I was really interested in and had been thinking about. I thought to myself and finally made my decision. I was thinking I thought should I go to a small school because I’m used to it and I thought it would be easier to make friends, or do I take up what Eric and Jack said and go to Maine South. I am going to go to Maine South. I was frightened. I was having second thoughts and I told my mom later on in the summer and she said it was to late. I’ve been signed up. It was closing in on the time and I was nervous and tried not to think of it. I couldn’t help it. I thought of it all day and all night. It was the day to finally face my fate of going to a big school. I had arrived at the school. I walk in. I go to the auditorium and there they were sitting and laughing together, Eric and Jack. I sat next to them and was relived through out the whole presentation. Finally it came time to go to class. I had gone through the day making friends in my classes I was surprised at how easy it was. Shockingly in my final class was my friend Eric

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