The Learning Place

May 27, 2008
By Nazario Ocana, Chicago, IL

The Learning Place

Another day in the school,

with my friends trying to be cool.

Monday, another day of school

With my friends trying to be cool.

In the classroom we are waiting we are

Making a paper fight with all my friends.

Wishing I was outside driving the sports car.

Writing notes from an overhead with a broken lenz.

Looking at the clock, ready to run as the bell rings,

Carrying my P.E. uniform and feeling a piece of string

Getting pulled as I turn my teacher is holding like

If I was being held prisoner in his classroom scared.

Hanging out in the hall with my friends trying to be cool,

As security passes by telling them to stop being fools.

Hearing the bell ring feeling the stress of another class.

Being in the class just wanting to get out through the glass.

Another day of school trying to get good grades to not fail,

but this is how it is done going to school and learn.

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