May 27, 2008
By Ruben Ramirez, Chicago, IL

This is something that I’m never going to forget, is when a coyote chased me. It was a cloudy, summer day at my grandpa’s ranch in San Miguel El Alto Jalisco, in Mexico. My cousin Beto, and my grandpa Jesus, or Chuy, and me had gone to the ranch to milk and feed the cows. When I was helping them, I remembered about something that me and my cousin had done a while back.

A while back Beto and I had planted a seed next to a tree that was in the middle of a cornfield, about four minutes (walking) from where the little house was. The little house is a house that was right next from where they milked the cows. All you could hear was the ‘mooooo’ from the cows, and the music that my uncles and grandpa would hear when they were milking the cows.

Now that the seed had probably grown, I couldn’t wait to see how big our plant would be by now. I went to ask my cousin.

“Hey, Beto. Let’s go see if our plant grew?” I asked

He said, “No, I’m busy….you go see it if you want”

“But I’m scared to go by myself.”
Beto responded,

“Tisch’, nothing is going to happen to you.” I was still scared, but I really wanted to go see how big the plant was.

I hesitantly said,

“ Okay….. I’ll…. go by myself then.” I started walking towards the cornfield, I wanted to turn back but I really wanted to see our plant. The road that led to the cornfield was very rocky, all you could hear was the “krrrunch, krrunch” from my feet stepping on the rocks. As I walked toward the cornfield, I was thinking to myself,

“ There’s nothing to be afraid of.” But for some reason I knew something was going to happen.

I was crossing the tiny river that flows near by. This was like midpoint to getting to the cornfield. I had been walking for a minute or so, but it had felt like an hour to me. As I neared the cornfield, my fear had left. I was staring right at the cornfield I decided that it wasn’t going to be hard. We had planted the seed right next to a big Mesquite tree. A Mesquite is a tree with a lot of thorns in its branches, so it was pretty easy to locate where we had planted it.

By now all the corn plants were way taller than me, about six feet or taller, so it felt like a maze inside the cornfield, and I was only six. When I walked through the cornfield I could feel the roughness of the of the corn plants’ leaves, and the ’ups’ and ‘downs’ of the soil where they stood. I was almost there, because I could see the tree now. I was about a few feet away, when I started hearing footsteps nearby, and some rustling through the leaves. At first I thought it was the wind. Then I heard an “arf arf auoooo’

I thought to myself, “It’s only my imagination.” But it was not, because I heard the howling again, that’s when I knew it was a coyote.

I quickly turned around and started running back! I ran as fast as I could, while hearing the coyote right behind me. As I kept running I tripped on something, I thought I was going to die. But I quickly got up and started running again.

I yelled, “ Grandpaaa, Betoo!” But no one heard. It was hard for me to run because of the soil’s bumps, and I couldn’t see where I was going because of all the corn plants.

After a while I could finally see an exit out of the cornfield. I kept running towards the exit, but I fell once again, I got up and with all my guts I quickly ran again. I could feel the coyote almost touching my back, but I just kept running. I got out of the cornfield and kept running, but I noticed that the coyote was no longer chasing me. Even though it stopped chasing me, I still kept running to the little house as fast as I could.

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