Walk The Other Way

May 27, 2008
By Tashi Shuler-Drakes, Bridgeport, CT

You think I should be grateful for your help
You think I should want it, love it, crave it and you’re mad that I don’t
You’re mad that I don’t reach out to you
You don’t know why I don’t acknowledge you but I of course do
It’s because when you do take pity and look down on me it has always been to criticize.
And you wonder why when we talk on the phone there is that ever present awkward pause
We are like two strangers who pass each other on the same side of the street
Why you don’t see what has always been obvious to me is a complete mystery
I am closer to most acquaintances than I am to you
I would long for their attention before I long for yours and that gets to you
Maybe that’s what makes you snap and lounge out at me with your offhand negative remarks
For whatever reason just know this:
You maybe the elder, and always the one looking down but I will always be the one that ignores your childishness and walks the other way

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