May 26, 2008
By Lauren Zai, Commack, NY

Many of the important adults that take an important role in my life are my parents. They always expect me to act respectful to them and especially respectful when in others homes. Also, being responsible, honest, caring, loving and outgoing are important ways to act. Like everyone else, I always want to make my parents happy and proud of me, and when my actions are not similar to what their wishes are, I feel in my heart that I have to reach and approach their wish harder. When I do not sastisfy what their wishes are for me, I feel that I have let them down. Many of my parent’s wishes are my benefits, and how they want me to have a good education and reputation. Most of the time, their desires for me are just helping me. When these conflicts do occur I strive to fix these problems and to put that smile on their faces, when knowing I achieved those desires. Some of the time I have felt that when I express my opinions to my parents, they never really take that opinion into their considerations and just go with what they want to do in the first place. But deep down inside I know that whenever and whatever they say or when we fight they are always protecting me and making sure that I stay out of trouble. Making sure I do not make the mistakes they did, or for that matter what is shown on the news or heard of from school. I have heard that parents are not meant to be their child’s friend, but their job and responsibility is to protect and keep their child out of any problems they might get themselves into. Buying their children gifts that are not needed, just so that their child likes them, is not at all what is most important. Parents make a huge impact in their children’s lives, such as the way they act towards others and the ones they are closely related to.

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