“On the Far Side of the Mountain”

May 26, 2008
By Nate Suhr, Mantorville, MN

43 Pages of “On the Far Side of the Mountain”

In this book it begins where its other book “My Side of the Mountain” ends. Sam Gribley living off the mountains with his peregrine falcon Frightful. When a man in a green suit shows up looking for Sam. Soon Sam finds out that he is a conservation officer named Leon Longbridge. Leon says that Sam has an endangered species “Frightful”, so Leon takes her away Sam is really sad and mad because frightful is Sam’s friend, and she hunts for Sam. Then Sam’s family shows up unplanned. His sister Alice begs Sam’s parents to let her stay with Sam. Sam’s parents say yes but his dad says only for one year. So then Sam is in charge of his 13 year sister as well as himself.

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