Music's Marionette

May 26, 2008
By Kelvin Spears, Alexandria, LA

Her senses dulled as the notes danced around her. The sweat dripped down her body like sweet honey from the comb. The lights swirled as she took the floor, heart fluttering with each step. Too late to stop, she let go. Her eyes closed as she glided and claimed the eyes of each life on the floor. She felt their stares of amazement as she rhythmically slid her body to the tune. The sweet lyrical sensation baptized her body as the sounds began to slow. Seductively moving her hips as the harmonies used her body as a magnificent marionette. The music’s pawn listened to the whispers of envy, they caressed her body and gave her a sly smile. The music stopped. Out of breath, her heart jolting to each beat as it faded away. Out of breath, she threw herself on her bed. Still smiling from her triumph, behind closed doors. She was to be a dancer, a beautiful pawn of the music.

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