Learning How to Share

May 26, 2008
By Kyra Swenson, Edina, MN

Learning How to Share:

Everyone always asks me what its like to be a twin, and I always answer the same way, “Well I guess it’s alright…” When I was younger I always hated the idea of being a twin; having someone with whom you always had to share your birthday cake. Someone who was born only two minutes earlier but is technically the oldest. Someone you had to share all your toys with. No one knew me as just Kyra, everyone always knew me as Jason’s twin sister or one of the twins.

Things only grew worse for me as I entered middle school. Jason and I were never put together in the same class and sometimes teachers and even some students, which I had never met before, would stop me in the hallway and ask, “Are you Jason Swenson’s twin?” I would just smile brightly, “Yes I am,” and then walk away. I usually got annoyed with the look they had on there face as I walked away; a mixture of shock and confusion.

Jason and I never really looked like each other. Aside from the same hair color, Jason and I looked like we were from separate families. Jason spent most of his time outside skateboarding, which gave his skin a healthy-tan glow. I, on the other hand, spent my time inside reading which gave my skin a pasty-translucent look. Also Jason and I shared two totally different personalities, which people pointed out to us often. Jason was the crazy, off-the-wall boy who was usually in your face and I was the calm and kind girl that kept to herself. Sometimes I used to think the only way people could tell we where twins, was the fact that we shared the same last name.

Although Jason and I were so different we managed to be each other’s best friend. I knew all of Jason’s secrets and he knew all of mine. No matter what happened in our dramatic teenage lives; demanding parents, annoying teachers or cruel friends, we always helped one another out.

My views on life started to change and I began to grow-up I began to appreciate the bond my brother and I shared. I realized I liked sharing my birthday cake with someone; I could never finish it on my own anyways. I liked sharing my toys; it would have been boring to play by myself. And most of all I liked telling people I was Jason’s twin sister. Life would change, people would change but there was one person I could always count on and that was Jason.

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