A Little Confusing

May 26, 2008
By Raffi Nersessian, Culver, IN

Hold up! You born in the Netherlands are Armenian, and you currently live Fort Wayne Indiana! Yes! Yes! Yes! My upbringing is a little to confusing to many of my peers. They constantly ask these questions in the midst of utter confusion. I have lived in two continents and three different cultures. These numerous influences have helped me become a true cosmopolitan, learning and taking bits and pieces from each culture. I was born in the Netherlands a country half the size of Indiana. It is nation that has formed its laws around the mentality of “Live and let live.” Known for being the most liberal country in the world, the Netherlands has a drinking age of 16, legalized prostitution, marijuana, and gay marriage. A few years later I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is a typical mid- sized Midwest City with a colloquial mentality. Near my house, Amish can still be seen driving horse drawn carriages and teenagers congregate at the numerous Friday night football games. At home I am influenced by my Armenian culture, which emphasis loyalty to family and friends. In the Armenian language there is even a special word Kyanq for those whom you always hold close to your heart. It roughly translates into English as life. Family and friends are our life. In Armenian culture friendship is something that is not easily attained, but is never forgotten. The cultures and countries are numerous and diverse and each have made there mark on me. That’s the way I like it.

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