A Crazy Dream

May 26, 2008
By Raffi Nersessian, Culver, IN

A Crazy Dream
It was 12:15 in the morning, my mind dreaming of distance places, when my leg suddenly kicked out and I heard a boom. Unfortunately, it was Mike bursting through the door breathing heavily. He said in a frantic tone, “Dude we are in some major trouble!” My heart dropped like an iceberg crashing into the ocean. I could not imagine what idiotic situations I had become tied into this time. My mind immediately began running at 100 mph, flooding my mind with memories of all the stupid, self endangering activities I was ever involved in. It felt like I was in a confessional at church, but Mike wasn’t exactly a priest, and South Barracks in no way resembles a church. I think technically it looks like a red bricked dungeon. Why was my brain processing these outrageous thoughts? In the corner of my eye I see Mark becoming increasingly agitated. He and begins yelling a unthinkable combinations of profanities. Frankly, I was surprised on how well he articulated his thoughts. But why was Mike pacing up and down the room yelling profanities? I am getting chest pains from the avalanche of thoughts and worries running through my mind, but this idiot still has yet to tell me what was wrong. Suddenly my leg kicked out. I awoke in cold sweat. Looking around I realized I was no longer in South Barracks, thanked god, and took one big sip!

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