Music and my future

May 26, 2008
By Alvaro Prandini Johnson, Culver, IN

Far away, I could barely hear the trumpet playing a melody together with a guitar and a violin. This was the music going through my veins before I was even born. My unique family, with preferences that many people may think of as weird or strange, gave me predilection for music especially for mariachi. My grandfather was mainly responsible for the beginning of this tradition in our family. Every family reunion was the same: “Toquele mariachi!”(“Start playing Mariachi!”) Shouted my grandfather, and all the family members began to play and sing. My dad was always up there singing for my grandfather the same as all my uncles and cousins. To be honest the best of all was my father. Every time he was up there I wanted it to be up there too and sing like him; but I was too shy. One day my grandfather, a tough old man, said “You, go up there and sing” I said “Me?” Yes you go up there. When my grandfather say something you had no choice, you had to do it. I went up there and I was almost shaking. The musician asked “What song?” I had prepared my grandfather’s favorite song, a really hard to sing. When I requested that song the musician laugh and said “You are 6 years old buddy, that song talks about women and I don’t think you know anything about them.” I went up there, grab the microphone and everybody was looking at me. I felt like that was my passion. I ended the song and everybody started clapping and asked me to sing another one. Since then I kept singing and singing and later on learned how to play the guitar and order to a companion myself.
What started just as a way to satisfy my grandfather later on became a way to satisfy myself and the people around. Who will ever imagine that my passion for music could it be used as a way to help people. I was once invited to a foundation rising funds for mothers without economic support and I sang 3 songs and collected an amount of money for them. In that moment I realized that my favorite thing to do could also be used as a way to help. Also how to forget Relay for Life and that wonderful night at the football field. I was invited by Culver students and staff to sing for half an hour in remembrance of all those who had lost their life or the life of someone close.
Daily I get comments of people saying “You should be a professional singer.” I always think that a lot of the people say it as a complement to keep you doing it such action. However, sometimes I think about the future in this career, of course keep in it far from my dad. My dad likes me to sing and do it in front of people but when it comes to a profession he doesn’t like it at all. A singing profession is not stable and you can succeed but you can also fail and be no one. The artist world it’s also dangerous and they are exposed to a lot of temptations like drugs, alcohol and distance from their family.
I see my future as a business and family man, with always a time for my hobbies like music. I will like to go into the business world as soon as I get into college. Start preparing me for the future to be successful and able to provide my family a great way of living. However, music will always be inside of me. I will take it everywhere with me; but if I ever get an opportunity as a singer I will take it without thinking about it. Knowing that I have a career and preparation to always succeed in other area in case that one won’t work. The future is all about opportunities and if I have the chance to do it and will take it and give it a try to what I like the most, singing.

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