May 23, 2008
By Skylar G., Rockvale, TN

I remember quite well when it was all confirmed.
I was sitting in my parents room with my mother when she received a phone call from my father. He had just finished talking to my grandfather's doctor.
My dad said that my grandfather had cancer and there was no way for it to be fixed. He only had a few more weeks to live.
When my mother reiterated it to me after hanging up the phone, I held her while she sobbed and brought her water when she couldn't breathe.
She apologized saying she should be the one to take care of me but I saw no reason for it. I told her I had already known my grandpa was dying. He had been getting more and more ill over the past couple of months so it wasn't the hardest thing to figure out.
"You should still show something even if you had already known.", was what she had told me.
It smarts to know she hadn't realized that I was showing that I cared by holding her and saying things would be okay.
That day more than one thing was confirmed.
My grandfather had only a few months to live. (may he rest in peace)
And that just because I feel that I'm showing certain emotions, doesn't mean others will understand what's going on. Especially in certain circumstances.

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