Ocean Eyes

May 22, 2008
By Catherine Miller, Mcdonough, GA

Ocean Eyes

“You have some piercing eyes,” my friend’s mother says as she snaps away with her camera on prom day. She is referring to my boyfriend, who is used to that comment by now. I however, love when anybody points out his beautiful eyes because it reminds me how easily I can get lost in them. When I’m alone with him I find myself staring deep into the color as if another world exists within them, one that only I can see. Sometimes I see the ocean as we sit together in silence and I watch as the waves continuously overlap like a never ending reassurance of hope. Hope that our love will continue to grow as we do, hope that we can work through the difficulties of being in love as teenagers. When I’m with him I feel wanted; I feel like I am a beautiful aspect of someone’s life. His belief in me gives me confidence in myself that I never had before, which is why I can see myself growing old with him. I want to walk with him along the seemingly endless shoreline of life because I know he will guide me slowly into the water. With out him I would be stuck cautiously sticking my toes in the shallow area for the rest of my life.

“Catherine let’s get another picture of you two by the trees,” said Mrs. Suzie, abruptly awakening me from my trance to see Aaron looking at me with a gentle smile on his warm face.
It was comforting to be looked at with such adoration and love by someone whom i feel i could spend the rest of my life with.

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