Short But Sweet Stories

May 22, 2008
By Lindsay Bridges, Canton, MI

Short But Sweet Stories For Accelerated Lng. & Lit. Students

In the Accelerated Lng.& Lit. Class of Ladywood High school, students read a numerous amount of short stories throughout the course of the first semester. Some of the short stories included: Check Outs, Gift of the Magi, Rules of the Game, The Most Dangerous Game, and The Cask of Amontillado. Since all of the genres must be studied, short stories are the foundation to the beginning of literature.

Some stories were enjoyed more than others, to say the least. The class agrees that Gift of the Magi and A Cask of Amontillado were the two favorite short stories that were read and discussed in the first semester. When asked what their favorite short story was Erica Mirabitur, a freshman, comments on her favorite short story. “I really enjoyed reading Gift of the Magi because it portrays a positive message in our society that focuses too much on material things.” Megan Vitale, also a freshman, says, “My favorite short story was A Cask of Amontillado, because it was a nice introduction to Edgar Allen Poe literature. I also thought it was funny!”

However, some stories were not enjoyed as much as others. Mercedes Black, a freshman, was heard loud and clear when she violently shouted at the reporter her opinion on her least favorite story. “I felt that The Most Dangerous Game was inhumane and cruel! I hated it! It was the worst story I have ever read!” Erin Roney, a freshman, felt the same way about the story The Most Dangerous Game. “I didn’t understand the story at all, and I thought it was horrible!” As you can see, everyone has similar opinions as to what the worst short story that was read.

Throughout the course of the first semester many short stories, some not as good as others, were read during the class. They were discussed and interpreted to give the students a better meaning and understanding of what short stories and literature is truly about. Regardless of everyone’s opinions on the short stories, it really set the foundation for the base of literature.

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uhh i didn't understand the point of this "story" butttttt i just wanted to say that my last name is Roney too :o hahaha. but you'd make a good reporter btw.

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