Moving On

May 22, 2008
By Kenneth Williams, Juneau, AK

During the beginning of summer my parents decided to leave for a number of months, as my mother hasn’t returned from babysitting my brother in Virginia and is not likely to return in the near future, so that leaves me with my father who left to visit my other brothers in Anchorage and Fairbanks. He was gone for a couple months. The time that he was gone seemed so much longer for me because all time seems to blend together for me, leaving me with no real sense of time. A day seems like a week, and a week a month and a month a year, this lack of time coupled with a severe lack of long-term and short-term memory leaves me in a very sore predicament when required to give an account of how I spent my time. The first week of my being alone wasn’t the best but I rose to the challenge and excelled, thoroughly enjoying my time alone to the extent that when my father did return home I actually locked the door and refused him entry, this was a joke of course. During my time alone I spread my time between working, sleeping and began to spend time with some friends from work; namely Amber who is now my girlfriend but led me on a fine and merry chase. I met her at work while doing on eof the various jobs that I perform throughout the day and she was the one who first started talking to me. At the time I was interested in getting my job done efficiently and quickly, therefore not really wanting to talk to anyone, but Amber began talking to me, later she told me that it was the fact that I ignored her for the most part that made her talk to me. After a while I asked her out, which was more that slightly difficult for her due to the fact that I am three years her junior. We went out occasionally and after a few months we started officially dating I suppose you could say. My time alone over the summer has really increased my confidence in myself showing me that I could survive on my own with my own income. I wouldn’t be very comfortable but I would be able to manage because I cannot remember a time in my life where either I or my family was ever financially comfortable and as a result I have gotten used to surviving on less. When I decide to move out I shall not look back, not because I don’t like it at home, but more the fact that I will be ready to move on with my life with no regrets.

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