My Father

May 22, 2008
By Jesse Thomas, Oak Bluffs, MA

Buzz, Buzz! He wakes up to the sound of the alarm clock, and quietly lies in bed for five minutes, just like every other morning that he can remember. He then begins the rest of his morning routine, pulling up his jeans with the frayed holes in the knees, and continues to put on his flannel shirt. He goes to the kitchen, greets my dog, and has his first cup of coffee for the morning. Using the same cup he used for his coffee, this time filled to the brim with orange juice, he has his small breakfast of buttered toast. He yells up to me and tells me to come down stairs, which I will eventually do after lying in bed for another ten minutes. He walks out to his truck, turns around, and starts up his air compressor, remembering that he needs to fill up his leaky tire. When his tire is full he drives to work and straps on his tool belt, an action that goes along with putting his razor knife in his back pocket. Then he gets to work. Today he is shingling the side of the house he has been working on. As he works his body falls into the routine that he has known since he was a child, over and over just nailing the shingles into the wall. Every once in a while there is a change, where he has to cut a shingle to fit around something, but shingling is simple, and by far one of the easiest parts of his job.

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