Serial Killers

May 21, 2008
By Don Hendges, Walker, MI

Just the other day when I got home from school I came in the door, grabbed a snack and sat dwon on the couch to watch my favorite sit-com. What I didn't know was that the scariest moment of my life was about to occur. Then about fifteen minutes later the phone rang, I answered it; no one replied. So i hung up. Ten minutes later it rang again and I answered, and all I heard was someone breathing. At this time I began to worry. The phone rang again, I sat and debated whether to answer it or not, and I chose to answer it. A man with a very deep voice decided to reply and he threatened me and told me he could see what I was doing.

I then replied, "to mind your own business and don't call back." I then hung up the phone and he didn't call back.

At this point I was thinking about calling the police. The next minute I walked up into my bathroom and the man was standing there in my shower. Once I seen him, I freaked out and started yelling for help. The guy just stood there and immediately started shaking. The man was wearing all black with a mask over his face. He seemed very fast and strong just by the way that he looked and how he was staring at me. As soon as i saw him he started swearing at me and told me to go away, so he could search the house. I ran out of the bathroom, and he came chasing after me, so he could get me out of the house. Once I got outside the guy was searching every room in the house to see if he could find any valuable stuff. Before the cops arrived I was sneaking around my house watching him through all of the windows. Finally on my way down stairs I grabbed the phone and dialed 911. I then told the police what was going on as i ran outside. The man just wouldn't leave my house. I hid behind a bush in my neighbor's yard, and the police showed up at my house. The officer ran inside and found the man in my room. I could here the policemen and the guy just cussing and yelling at each other, as the cop tried wrestling him down. The man started wrestling with the cop and it just made the cop more upset. The officer finally got him down and the guy was all tired out. The cop then took him away to jail which was the best place for him to go. I then found out that I was very fortunate to live and that the man was a wanted serial killer. This man was fifty-four years old and had a warrant out for five years.

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