The Story of a Couple that don't get along

May 21, 2008
By catherine pierson, Cincinnati, OH

The Story of a Couple that don’t get along

There were two couples that never got along. They always fought about the dumbest things that didn’t even make sense.

They had two kids and the dad would try to discipline but then the mom just got mad. She would always yell at the dad either because she didn’t like how he discipline or yelled at the kids.

That’s why now their kids are becoming a little older telling their mom what to do. It got so bad that when people, family, or even friends would come over the kids would hit them for no reason at all. The mom would get mad because they would yell at them for being so bad.

Then the mom and dad would fight and then they would just argue over the kids that are not doing the right thing that they are supposed to be doing.

They both have two wonderful jobs. The wife would yell because the husband would spend money. Then right after they would be yelling for a while the mom would go out and spend as much money.

They are a couple and they should be able to discipline their kids. Also the couples are able to sort their money. One more thing is to get their priorities straight and stop fighting all the time

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