The Mountian Climb that will not be forgotten

May 21, 2008
By zach dorsey, Summerville, GA

The mountain climb that will

Never be forgotten!!!

You could here the ice crack beneath your feet with every step. As my best friend Mason Minshew flung his pick axe into the fresh ice. We had only planed to stay own the mountain for a week. But unfortunately bad blizzards knocked out our signal on are two way radios. We were stranded as we ventured our way down the mountain our stomachs started growling. We haven’t eaten since early morning. I left Mason to look for food when I came across a goat lying frozen owns the ice.
The good thing about being trapped in the mountains is that food doest rot away as quickly as it would if you were stranded in the desert. So as I drug my find back to the little camp Mason had managed to build why I was out. He gave a great sigh of joy. Finally he shrieked I thought I was going to die of hunger. As Mason gutted the goat it appeared to me that Mason’s boots were both torn in the toe.
I thought that surly his toes had gotten frost bit but he showed no sign pain as he sat the freshly gutted goat over the fire. An hour or two later we feasted own the animal that gave me hope that we might make it out. As night approached us it suddenly hit me that we have no shelter. We couldn’t just sleep out side in a place like this we would never make it. As I thought back to morning I remember walking past a deep cave. I jumped up and Mason almost flipped off the log as he yelled what in the world are you doing! I explained to him that we couldn’t just sleep out here like we did back home. So we started towards the long and curving trail when we approached the pitch black cave. As I unloaded my worn back pack with the extra logs we had gathered earlier. I had seen for the first time that Mason was whimpering to himself. I knew Mason was in pain he never cried even as a kid when he fell off the slid and broke his arm. I asked him if he was ok his response was I don’t think I am going to make it out of here Zach. But don’t get upset you still have a chance take the rest of my supplies in my pack and head off tomorrow. As I searched through his pack I had found a map I thought to my self all this time Mason must have not wanted us to make it out, to late for questions I headed into the cave. Mornings here I thought to myself as I sat up to here to early birds singing. I shouted Mason’s name. No response was given back I knew he was dead. As I began to pull his coat off I started to cry I couldn’t control myself. My best friend had died what I was going to do. After gaining control I started the long trail back down the mountain. When I came across this ledge looking out over this beautiful unforgiving scene. When I heard this sound almost like a helicopter when the wind picked up dramatically I knew I was safe. The helicopter landed with a loud crash. When the captain announced that they had seen Mason’s body. From a distance and knew that there was a missing persons report posted for two mountain climbers. I knew you hadn’t gotten fare cause of the way the body was still warm from the coat he hade been wearing. I am glad to see you are all right. Boy! Do you have a worried family the polite yelled you couldn’t here well over the loud helicopter. When I stepped in the helicopter a warm breeze shot up my spine. As we lifted off I looked out over this dreadful piece of ice that took the life of my best friend. I thought of how to break the news to his mom. I new she would take it hard she loved him dearly, and was hesitant at the thought of him even going on the trip when he told her. Gosh I dread the look on her face when I break it to her. Masons father had left him as a child so his mom really looked at Mason as the man of the house. She loved her son deeply and times will be very hard for as would any one in her position. As for my mom she and my dad slit so I haven’t much talked to either of them so here I am missing a best friend and some one I loved. I really don’t know what ill do.

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