The lost dog

May 21, 2008
By Hayden Childre, Armuchee, GA

The sun beamed down on the fenced-in backyard as it lies there quiet and empty. The only thing missing was my dog, Gingerbread. She was a brown Labrador retriever about four feet tall that I once had.
My canine was about five years old. It was fun to play with the retriever and she was nice and gentle. I use to always get on my domesticated animal and let her ride me around and she loved it. She knew not to go too fast because I was on her and my puppy loved to fetch. I would go outside and throw a ball and my lab would go and get it and then bring it back to me. The thing that I remember the most was that she had to always be locked up or on a leash or the lab would get too excited and run away. She was so fast that I was afraid that I would not be able to catch up and Ginger would not remember how to get home. One day I decided to go outside and walk my dog. I put the lab on the leash and let her out and as soon as I got out I was on the ground being dragged. As I was getting pulled everything zoomed past me. I let go of her leash and the bullet was off. As fast as she was going she looked like a brown bullet just shot out of a gun. I waited for her back at the house and she finally returned. I locked her up in the cage and went back inside to my parents.

I walked in the house and as soon as my mom saw me she freaked out. I had grass stains all over my pants, scratches on my legs and arms, and a bruise from where I hit a rock. I told my parents what Gingerbread did and they said okay. My mom took me into the bathroom and put bandages on me. I told them how I let my lab out and she pulled me down and started to drag me and they said that next time that I let her out I need to let them know so they could watch me so I don’t get hurt again. They told me to stay inside a little while so my injuries can heal. I stayed in a couple of days and then I was healed.

I walked out into the backyard and the dog that had pulled me down and dragged me was as big as an elephant. We took the brown lab to the vet to see why she was so big and you know what they said? They said she was pregnant! They also said she was due in five weeks. We left and went back home and waited for her puppies. We went and got a pool that was blue with a diameter of three meters. We got the pool so she could have her babies in it. A couple of days later she had her puppies and they were the craziest things ever.
The little puppies where born in the pool. All eight of the dogs where small, black and had their eyes closed. Gingerbread stayed in the pool with them until they were able to eat dog food. We gave five of the puppies away and had only three left. My cousin wanted one of the puppies so I gave one to her for Christmas. Now, we only had two dogs left and we named them Jack and Rose. Rose was lazy and all she did was rest. On the other hand you could not get Jack to lay down for anything. In our backyard we had steps up to our low deck and instead of going through the fence door I would climb over the fence onto our deck then straight down into our backyard. If I opened the gate then Gingerbread would get out. After a while, Jack had watched me a few times and figured out how to jump over the fence and get out too. To keep him in the enormous yard I nailed boards over the steps to the deck so he couldn’t get up them. I just had to go down and jump over the boards. Soon after, Jack figured out how to jump over the boards and get out. One day Jack jumped over the boards and escaped but he never came back. We were hurt a little but still had Gingerbread and Rose. Since Rose was lazy we took her to the pound and all we had left was Gingerbread. A few days later I came home and ran around to the back and saw that the fence was open. I called her name but she never came and after a couple of more times I knew she was gone. To this day we still don’t know what happened to her, but in the hot steaming sun lays the empty backyard.

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Mrs. Ford said...
on Aug. 13 2008 at 3:45 pm
Way to go Hayden, can't wait until the next one. Super Job

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