May 21, 2008
By Michaela Everett, Rome, GA

There once was an amazing man named Walter Lee Bud Easter; he was one of the greatest grandpas ever to live. He could keep you laughing all day long. You could be having one of the worst days and he could still find a way to make you smile. He was

Born January 17, 1929. He had two younger sisters, he was born and raised in a small town in the middle of no were in South Georgia. He would often have to miss out on school to go and help his father pick cotton and plant crops to grow. When he was

Eighteen or somewhere around that age, he met the most wonderful beautiful woman named Jackie Couch. She was also raised in South Georgia. Her father was very strict with her. Jackie had eight sisters and a younger brother. She along with her brother and sisters also would have to miss school to help their father.

Jackie and Bud had been seeing each other for quite sometime, finally they ended up getting married. About a year and a half later they had a child named Terry Easter. Terry was constantly studying electrical things and how stuff worked. When Tarry was about five years old, Jackie gave
Birth to another child this time it was a baby girl. They decided to name her Melinda Easter. By this time they had moved away from South Georgia and moved to Rome. By now Bud was about in his late twenty’s, so he decided he

Would go work at the Sawmill down the road from their home. Jackie soon enrolled their children in school. She also got a job at the glove factory in Rome. When Jackie was 30 or so, she decided to
Quite her job at the glove factory and stay home with her children. Some of Jackie’s friend worked so she volunteered to baby-sit their children.
Well soon after that she was baby sitting so many children that she started her own babysitting business. With on the weekends bud would help out. Jackie’s babysitting business carried put for along time.
By now Jackie and Buds kids were grown and married. Melinda and terry both met there husband and wife in high school, and got married right out of high school. Melinda soon went to collage to get her major’s degree. She her goal was to be come a nurse. When she was about nineteen or twenty she gave birth to a baby girl named Holly

Nicole Thomas she was born December twenty-third, 1974.forteen years later she had another child also a little girl, Lindsay Brooke Thomas. Terry on the other hand got
Married to a woman named denice. Denice and tarry settled down and had three children
Christie being the oldest, misty the middle child and, Natasha “Tasha” being the youngest. When all of tarry and Melinda’s children had grown they also had children to.
Christie had a daughter named Harlie Elise Evans in July 1993. Then Holly her cousin also had a child six months later Named Michaela Emory Everett, then came tasha’s child six moths later Josey Rae Edwards, then Christies second child six months after josey.
His name was Tyler Evens. By this time bud and Jackie were in there late fifties. When
Bud was about 57 he started complaining about his heart, so Jackie took him to see a doctor. The doctors did research on him and found out he would need a pace maker put in so he had surgery and got that done. After that you could say Jackie and bud where living a pretty normal life. Lindsey Melinda’s youngest daughter got pregnant at the age of seventeen. She got marred to a man named Brandon James. Lindsey gave birth to a healthy baby boy May 31, 2003, his name was bralin James. When bralin was about six months old he went to go live with Jackie and Bud. Bralin soon became attached to his grandpa Bud and so as bud to bralin. Bralin was like a son to him now. Bralin and bud would do everything and anything together.

Bud and Jackie had a camper on a lake in south Georgia they would often take Bralin down there to see all of his aunts and uncles. The more time Bralin and bud spent
Together the more fond they became of each other. When bralin was about two years old Bud began to have heath problems it was like he would get well and get sick as soon
As he got well again. Spring of 2005 bud became very ill one Sunday night. Monday morning my mother (Holly) and Jackie became very worried about bud so they decided
They would take him to the doctor after breakfast. Well when bud got done eating he went back into the den and watched television in his recliner. While holly and Jackie were finishing there meal the herd bud yell for help. When my mother and grandma got in there, bud was saying “help me holly im falling out of my chair”. At this point they came very concerned; for bud was perfectly fine in his recliner .what had happened was his blood pressure dropped really low. So Jackie ran in the kitchen and called the ambulance.
When the ambulance got there they put bud in it and Jackie said she would stay home with bralin, and for holly to go with him to the hospital. When they got there bud was put in a room and they immediately began testing on him to find what the problem was.
They checked everything but still couldn’t find the problem. Finally they found out he had infection in his blood, which soon turned into staff later that night. Tuesday morning bud seemed to be in better shape than before. My mom had stayed the night in bud’s
Room. Later that day bud got worse and had to be rushed to the ER, my mom fallowed them there. My grandpa told my mom to promise him one thing and
Said “im not coming home this time “ha” She said that’s crazy “paw paw”
He said no it’s not but you have Promise me when I die you’ll make sure bralin and Nanny stay Safe. Okay I promise she said.
Later that night the whole side of the Easter family was in the ICU waiting room. Since children weren’t allowed to go back and see any patients I and my cousins had to wait in the waiting room. It got really late and we all started to go home. Since my mom had been at the hospital for two days so she decided she would go home to.
Later that night at about 3 in the morning my nanny called and said that bud had gone in a coma. On Friday afternoon april 15, 2005. “walter lee bud easter” passed away. He lived a great and fulfilling life a the age of 75 his life ended he was such a great dad, husband, friend, and most importantly grandpa. You will always be rememberd R.I.P Bud Ester.

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