State Property

May 21, 2008
By Ben Coleman, Rome, GA

State Property

He was once a well respected man with everything going for him, an NFL star, the hero too many children and adults alike. Michael Vick; in a very crude and shocking way, has turned in his jersey, pads and starting position on the Atlanta Falcons for a bright orange jumpsuit, and a pair of shiny handcuffs.

Vick was arrested on charges of illegal dog fighting. For one that is animal cruelty which is a very serious offense. Also the dogs were from across state lines from there registered homes and to transport them to fight them is even more serious than the other offense.
This is not Michael’s first scuffle with the law. For example in January of 2007 Mike was arrested for possession of an “unknown substance” he had hidden in a secret compartment in his water bottle. After this offense the NFL decided to let it go. Also, In November of 2006, Vick made an inappropriate gesture that targeted Falcon fans after a loss at the New Orleans Saints home field. Then “Mr. Bona fide star” himself stooped to an all time low when he committed the most obscene crime, dog fighting.
Although I still believe the man should be punished, the former star was not alone in this operation. Vick’s associates, Tony Taylor, Purnell Peace, and Quanis Phillips, have been indicted on the same charges as Vick. If convicted they could face six years in prison and three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in fines.
In June of 2001 Vick paid thirty four thousand dollars for property at 1915 Moonlight Road. This purchase ultimately started his enterprise he and his accomplices referred to as “Bad Newz Kennels.” They used this property for training and housing the pits. Fights also took place in sheds behind the house. There is almost rock solid evidence that dog fighting occurred on this property. Authorities found a room with blood stains on the wall and bloody carpet stowed on the Virginia property. Vick claims he only provided money for bets but never received any winnings. Vick also helped to kill pits whose performance did not meet “Bad Newz Kennels” standards.
Monday, December 10, 2007 Michael Vick received 23 months in federal prison. Tony Taylor, Purnell Peace, and Quanis Phillips all received at least 20 months also. This to me is a fair punishment. Although prison is not the only punishment he received. He lost all sponsors and his starting position on the Atlanta Falcons. He got what he deserved. He ruined and took the lives of many dogs that never did anything to him, so now he has no life. And for 23 months he will be nothing but state property.

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