May 22, 2008
By Charles Goldthwait, Oak Bluffs, MA


As the sun comes up my dad rolls out of bed and puts on a pair of paint stained work pants, a white t-shirt and a white sweater that has become tan due to years of wear and tear. As he goes into the upstairs hallway he lays down and stretches both his legs out and then his arms. As he trudges down the stairs without making a sound greater then a mouse. He flips on ESPN with the sound down to six, watches the sports highlights, then goes to make his cup of coffee. Puts it in the microwave for thirty seconds and takes it out with one second left on the timer. He takes his cup onto the porch, sits in the rocking chair and relaxes before the long day ahead. He comes back into the house takes his favorite bowl out and fills it to the top with cereal and sliced banana. He goes back to the T.V. and watches it as he consumes his breakfast. He gets his lunch ready. A tuna-fish sandwich, a bottle of milk, a bottle of v-8, an apple, and a bag of chips. He loads it into his truck and then checks everything to make sure he has what he needs. As he departs for his long day at the job sight till he comes home at five-thirty. When he comes home he gets his dinner ready and then watches the sports channel for the rest of the night.

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