My backyard

May 20, 2008
By ryan sulski, Marietta, GA

In everybody’s lives there is a special place that they go to in troubled times or when they just want to sit and think about something. My special place is a place that good things and bad things have happened, but most of all it is the place I have spent my life.

My Backyard has changed a lot throughout the years. Right next to a stream, which borders my backyard, there used to be this straw that you could pull out of the ground and put it in your mouth. It tasted very good but my dad pulled it out. There was this hill there too but the neighbors did not like us going on their land, so they put up a wall preventing us from go over there, unless we jumped over the fence. Under my deck there is a swing. All of my friends and my sisters friends where on the swing, and as I was pushing it, it snapped in half and everyone fell on the ground. As soon as it dropped, I just started running. In the middle of my backyard there is another swing set.

I like my backyard because there is always something to do. There is a big space to play football and baseball, and to just run around. In the stream there are tadpoles what you can catch and there are even some frogs and crawdads. When you jump over the steam there is a forest with a bunch of paths. On the side of the paths, you well see a lot of snakes and rabbits jumping around. In the woods there used to be a lot of forts and tree houses but they brook down due to age. There is one thing that is still standing -- a bridge that my friends and I put over a small creek.

What I like most about my backyard is that I can just sit on a swing and it is so quite and peaceful. It is where I have spent my life, and it is definitely my special space because I am out there all the time. It is so quiet and I can just sit there and think. I don’t think anybody has a place as special as mine.

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