Life With Out Love

May 20, 2008
By Megan O'Neill, Marrietta, GA

I’m standing at the edge of what seems to be a giant rectangle of glass. However it is not. It is a shimmering clear blue pool. The pool was so inviting and the familiar smell of chlorine was in the air, which compelled me to dive in. When I hit the water ripples form and then the little tiny waves stretch across the whole pool breaking he calmness. The water on my skin feels refreshing and I forget about the hot summer day.
I come up to the surface and take a big breath of air and I immediately dive back down to the bottom, while swimming to the edge. I grab the ruff surface of the concrete place my feet and push off with a great force. Underwater I put my hands in glide position and kick my feet. I stayed in this position until I felt the air escaping me and I quickly swam to the surface. I took one quick breath and started swimming my first stroke.
My hands pushed back against the cold strong water and then dove throw the air rapidly making a circular motion. My feet were kicking as hard as they could but not one at a time but together like they were tied up. All these movements made me look like a dolphin with my head bobbing up and down. I was doing the butterfly my favorite stroke. I could then feel my self-pick up tons of speed. I neared the wall.
My hands gently touched the wall and I pulled my feet up real close and onto the wall making a tuck position. my hands flew backward over my head and met. As my hands flew my feet pushed off the wall making myself look like a bridge. I landed in the cold water on my back with my head just bellow the surface. From under the water I looked at the sky. I could see the big white fluffy clouds that looked like cotton candy. I also saw the baby blue sky that looked as deep as the ocean. A plane then flew by leaving only white smoke behind him. I stopped looking at the sky when I realized I was running out of air so I kicked to the surface.
When I got back up to the surface I started to do the backstroke. My arms were flying in and out of the water one at a time going right left right left. My legs were kicking. I thought I was getting close to the wall so when my arm went backward I flipped my hand around so that it would touch the wall before my head. When my hand touched the wall I pulled my feet up and then pushed off.
I kicked up to the surface. My hands moved in a circle down to my hips and then I shot them forward so they were straight out in front of me again. My legs, well they were moving from bent to in a v to being straight. I was doing the breaststroke. When I did this stroke. I remembered how I learned the motions of the feet my teacher said that I could remember it by calling it the chicken, airplane, solider. When my legs were bent it was called Chicken. When my legs are in a v its called Airplane. Oh, and when my legs are straight its called the solider. I finally reached the other end of the pool my hands gently touched the familiar rough surface.
I pulled my feet up on to side of the pool, and then I pulled my left hand back through the forceful water. I then my right hand flew over my head and the met in the water. When they met my feet gave a forceful push off the wall.
As I glided throw the water my feet gave many giant kicks. When I reached the top my hands moved just like I was doing in the backstroke just opposite. My feet just kept kicking and I could again fell the water splash on my legs. When I do this stroke I feel powerful and fast. This stroke that I was doing was called the freestyle. When I reached the wall I stopped. I had finally finished doing the I.M. I took a couple of big deep breaths.
Then I heard a voice saying, “ MEGAN TIME FOR LUNCH”. I got out of the pool wrapped my self in the warm cozy towel that I had waiting for myself. I walked over to my grandma who was the one calling my name I grabbed my lunch from her and walked back over to the pool. I sat on the lawn chair and ate my lunch and then I got back in the pool.
This pool is my favorite place. And this pool is located in my grandma’s neighborhood in the West Hampton.
I love being in this pool and having my mind be cleared. I love the smell of the pool. I love the feel of the pool. This pool is defiantly my favorite place.

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This article has 3 comments.

lazydays said...
on Sep. 3 2008 at 3:27 pm
Megan, You have a great imagination, I feel like I was sitting by the pool watching you and I'll bet that lunch your Grandma made was the best ever.

Thomas L. said...
on Aug. 26 2008 at 5:41 pm
Your story sounds very peaceful. I really like how you find peace and happiness by swimming. You did an excellent job.

pjoneill said...
on Aug. 25 2008 at 8:11 pm
Great job Megan. I'm so proud of you. This is a great story. And I love that it took place in Westhampton.


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