Laurel Park

May 20, 2008
By Josh Boateng, Marietta, GA

Laurel Park

A special place to me where I go most of the time is Laurel Park. I think its special, because I can go there when ever I feel, because I live so close to it. I feel kind of blessed, because some people have to go a long way to get to a park, and all I got to do is cross the street, so that’s why it’s special.
Laurel Park has two pounds, a playground, thirteen tennis courts, a track, ducks, a basketball court, a volleyball courts, and a big open field. When I go to I mostly go to the basketball court. I right up the hill from the lake, it has a dark green floor, bright white lines, and tall basketball hoop. I go to just shoot around, and sometimes watch the older kids play.
Other than that play football in the big open field. It’s wide and long, and sometimes when I’m playing football with my friends people are fling there kites, and there people running on the track. Sometimes when my friends can’t come outside , get my football , and play with it on the track , or I would just get my bike , and ride it around the track . When I’m doing that I fly past people walking there dog, the two big ponds, some weird looking ducks, and the basketball court. When I’m riding my bike I can feel the wind blowing against me and my face , and when I come up to a low branch I have to duck , that kind of fun .
Another place I go to is the volleyball court, but I don’t play volleyball, I usually play in the sand or some thing, but I only do that when its hot; do that because when you put your feet under the sand its really cold, and since its hot outside it feels good, and that’s probably the only reason I go there.

I also go to the park sometimes , the park has long red slides , big swings , a huge playing piece , a big blue spinning thing , and four yellow sets of monkey bars , I mostly play on the monkey bars , because when I go there most of the time there a lot of little kids playing on the other things , and I don’t want to run into one .That would be kind of bad . So I won’t let that happen.

I also go to the pond, but mostly in the summer time, because the ducks are gone for winter. But any ways most of the time when I go to the pond , I bring bread with me , because I throw it in the pond , and the little ducks wattle to come eat , making little quack noises . Then they start to walk towards me , and that’s when I got to go , because the mama duck doesn’t like that , so she comes at me . So that’s why that’s why it’s special.
There’s one last place I go and that’s the tennis courts. I just sit and watch, because I don’t know how to play, but it’s still special. The people that I watch are good, they really know play. When they play they make lots of noises, they yell, and scream when they hit the ball, but I guess it helps them. So that’s special to me.
All of those special places in this special park all mean something to me. So that why I wrote about it, or I just didn’t any other special places, but I like Laurel Park.


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on Jun. 18 2009 at 6:48 pm
Dandelion PLATINUM, Franklin, Massachusetts
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I think this story has potential, althoug I might say it can be a bit repetitive. Keep writing! :)

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