My Special Place

May 20, 2008
By Alleyah Knight, Marietta, GA

On top of the mountain I felt a cool breeze hit me. This was because I was really far from the ground, and I was also wearing this thin, beautiful, purple dress. There weren’t any shoes on my feet at the time I wasn’t even worried about it. At one point in time while I was looking out at the view I heard sounds of a waterfall.
As I started to walk towards the sounds I started to see a humongous waterfall. Finally I get to the waterfall. I stop and look at it; it is so gorgeous all that I’m doing is staring. All of a sudden I jump about 50 feet below me into a big area of water. It feels so cold, but at the same time it feels calming. Though it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before because I have never felt those at the same time. I open my mouth to taste the water, and it taste so pure. I was thinking about all the water and drinks I have tasted, and I have never tasted anything quite like this. I’m just saying that you would have to taste it yourself then you’ll know what I am talking about.
While I was splashing around in the water I see a girl laughing she sees me. When I started to swim over to get her name she starts to run away. I wondered why she was running away from me so I get up out of the water, and start chasing after her. The wind hit me, and I start to feel cold. Just as I started to think I wasn’t going to get a cold started to get one, but I kept on running. Just as I caught up to her she started to look very scared as if I was going to hurt her. I asked” What’s Wrong?’ She said, “Nothing.” I said, “You were looking kind of scared.” She said, “I thought you were going to hurt me.” I said,” Well I’m not going to hurt you.” “I just want to talk to you.” She said, “Ok.” We started to talk, but then she had to leave, and so we got each others numbers.
The sun started to set and the moon started too rises just after one another, and I started to get tired. It was so amazing since I had never seen a sunset and a moon rise on the mountains before. Instead of getting off the mountains that night I just stayed to camp out. It was kind of scary at first, but I started to calm down. I started to tell myself that I need to stop stressing because the animals are more afraid of me then I am of them. Right after I got done freaking out I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up from a beautiful sound. It kind of sounded like a bird. Just in case it wasn’t I went go check. As I got closer I figure that it was actually a bird but, I had never seen a bird quite like this so I just stopped to stare at it. The bird stands three feet tall on two legs; it has beautiful long purple and white feathers. Its body has the most beautiful shade of purple you will ever see, and it has two great big hazel eyes the shade of a leave. In such a wonderful way the bird was bold and it really stuck out.
My parents had just called me and I was starting to feel homesick. I went to schedule a flight home. I got on board of the plain thinking about how much I was going to miss this place. The flight home I was looking out at the sight thinking about something else this time. I said “I should have brought a camera.”

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