Against The Corporate Attack

May 20, 2008
By Taylor Prain, Valdosta, GA

Against the Corporate Attack

Advertising in an invisible dictator, and its power is much like that of a deity; created solely for the masses and furthering the destruction of society. This propaganda uses subliminal and numbing messages of worldly views on our bodies and the materials we use and own. Advertising runs the world and in turn has consumed us all.

This power that we are discussing creates images and feelings of importance to the viewer, thus entrenching us in like quick sand and the more we fight, the deeper and deeper we sink until we are suffocated by the world. Its influence has the power to make things such as cigarettes seem like the “cool” thing to do because supposedly “everyone is doing it”; even the idea of powdered milk to countries with diseased water causing the death of many in those less fortunate, third world countries. So by looking at this it seems that the power we of have faith in and follow has NO heart, NO feeling, and NO moral feeling what so ever! However with the exception of that in which comes in a small rectangle shape, with the color green and the value of the numbers in its corners.

So then why do we worship such a heartless god?...A god that only brings emptiness, a corporate god, an immoral god; an unreal being that is only interested in itself and the well being of its employees. This “Trojan Horse” god that is disguised as such a magnificent being; however it’s interior and its motives are completely contradictory of its presence. And we as human are the gullible victims of its power, because we refuse to admit to being consumed by that influence.

Overall we are innocent to the corporate attack. We do not expect that the world is out to consume us and take our well-being, but due to the disguises and the advertisements put on we are quick to be snatched up and taken advantage of. The sooner we realize the intentions of the world and its advertising, the quicker we can put up a defense against the word and its evils.

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