He Stole my Heart

May 19, 2008
By Andrea Aguinada, North Hollywood, CA

He Stole my heart
It was the first day of high school and I just went to sit with my friends in the spot we regularly sit in. Well my friend Tiff asked me do you know a guy named Mauricio. I was all like no I don’t think so. And then she told me oh he’s going out with my friend I was all like yeah cause I didn’t know who he was. Until finally the 2nd week of school I met this guy that they would always talk about I thought he was really cute. So I started to talk to him little by little. He started sharing things with me about his relationship with his now ex- girlfriend. At that time I really didn’t give a crap about his relationship so I stopped talking to him cause we lost touch. So then weeks passed I forgot about him he was a lost memory in my head until one day out of no where he jumps on my back and yells a happy “Hello”. I got scared.
Then we started to talk again and he finally told me “Me and my girlfriend are not really working out. I was like ok and how am I suppose to help you. He told me to give him advice on what to do. So I told him to break up with her. So weeks passed again but this time we kept on talking about different things. All of a sudden one day when he hugged me like usual I got butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know why I felt like this I asked my friends am I pretty enough for him and they were like yeah you are. So then I finally got the courage to tell one of my friends to go tell Mauricio if he would ever go out with me. She came back telling me that he said that he would never go out with a girl like me. I was so disappointed I went up to him and asked him if what he had said was true. I started to tell him that I was tired of getting my heart broken he told me I know. I’m like no you don’t I started to cry out of no where. He told me he loved me but just as a friend. I was sad so I didn’t talk to him for like 2 weeks. Those weeks passed and we started to talk again. We were different with each other though I guess cause he knew that I liked him. So then we started to drift a bit. He left on vacation and when he came back to school he wasn’t the same guy I fell in love with. My friend tiffany told me that he had talked to him and that he was talking crap about me again I got so mad at him that I called him names. I think this hurt him really badly. This fight was the longest one yet not that we were going out but I was in love with him. He sort of stole my heart. I couldn’t stay mad at him but he almost cost me my friendship with my friend tiff cause she noticed his change too and told me he was not worth the pain I was going through. Sometimes I cried myself to sleep thinking of all those memories I had with him and then I called him one night to tell him what his problem was and he told me nothing I didn’t really believe him. And then he tells me I have a girlfriend which was lie so I wouldn’t talk to him. Until this day he still has my heart that he stole almost a year ago sometimes I become very sad thanks to him. Our friendship turned from cool to a drift friendship. Now it is like h e never knew me all he says is hi and we don’t even walk together anymore or hug I miss those memories. And even if I try to like some other guy my heart still belongs to Mauricio 4 ever. I LOVE YOU

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