Sensory Settings

May 19, 2008
By Anil Nandkumar, East Northport, NY

Sensory Settings

Everyone knows the biggest intersection in Commack, Jericho Turnpike and Commack Road. As you pull up to the intersection anyone can notice the many shopping areas that are all around. The people come out of the stores with their carts full and smiles on there faces. You can see people trying to cross the street in fear, wishing that they won’t be hit by a speeding car. They are hesitant to cross the street but, as soon as they see an opening they jump on it. You can hear the frustration of the driver through the symphony of horns. There’s a big black cloud that rises from every truck. The overall smell of the exhaust will make any person develop a headache.

Since everyone knows this intersection, it was harder to write about. Since everyone knows this place I had to be 100% correct on every sense that I used. To successfully describe this setting I thought of what every person hears, sees, smells, touches and tastes, when writing about this intersection.

In the summer my whole family always goes to one place, Upstate New York. My uncle owns a massive property upstate, and we enjoy every minute while we are there. You can hear the roars of engines whizzing by you on an ATV. All you can see is the color yellow in the corner of your eye. To ride, you must where a helmet, if your head is to big then too bad. As the steam rises, you can smell the scrumptious food cooking outside and in. At night it is almost impossible to hear anything outside, except for the few crickets. All the kids pile into one room and the adults take separate rooms. We fall asleep to an ambience of all kinds of music.

Writing about my family’s property in Upstate New York affected my writing for the better. Since no one knows this place besides my family and I, it was very easy to write about. There are no expectations for any person reading this setting because, they are learning about it for the first time.

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