May 18, 2008
By Dylon Sacco, Wentzville, MO

From the pulsing of your heart, to the rush of adrenaline the start of a race is crucial. Exploding out of blocks like a bullet out of a gun provides the needed boost between winning and losing. Thoughts flowing across your brain begin processing in your mind with each step you take. Agony and discomfort flows through your legs as hard as possible deteriorating your strength as the contest continues. Sweat drips down your face like beads of hot sand filling your gleaming eyes with pain, and as the competitor closes in your only motivation is the gold plated medal at the end of the blackened road. Pumping your weakened arms propels you across the finish line to welcome the greeting of a roaring crowd cheering as you are the victor. The ever so short and simple 100 meter dash provides a lasting impression of value and triumph for the sole athlete who conquers it’s hardships.

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