The most important thing I have ever learned

May 20, 2008
By Josh Boateng, Marietta, GA

The most important thing I have ever learned

The most important I have ever learned , hmmm…. That’s kind of hard to choose , because there are three things that were important for me to learn , and they all can help me in life when I grow up . One can get me a scholarship , one can help me take care of myself if I don’t have my mom helping ,and the last can help me with my money.

Well the first thing that was an important thing for me to learn was how to be a good football player . That’s important , because when I graduate from high-school I can get a scholarship to go play on a college football team . That’s good , because my I don’t think I will have the money to go to a good college , and I don’t think I have enough smarts or intelligents to make it to a good college with a scholarship . which I will need , so that’s why its important .

I also learned how to cook , and that would be good because when I grow up my mom isn’t going to be around took cook for me , and it wouldn’t be good for me to go out to eat everyday , because its not healthy , especially for me because if you look at me right you will understand .I would go broke , and if I go broke I won’t have any money for rent or anything , then I would go homeless and that would be bad . So I don’t want that to happen , and that’s why its important.

My mom also taught me how to count my money and how to make sure no one it jacking me . That one is the one I think is the most important , because if I grow up and I start to make a lot of money as a football player or a basketball player or something ; There will be people out there that will be trying to get some of it , by getting me to sign a bad contract that would get me in trouble and make me lose money , and really don’t want that to happen because I need my money .

So you notice that all of these things that I have learned over the past year or so , can help me in life and play a good role in helping me in life; And when I grow I want to be a good person when I grow up , and have a big house and nice things , that cost a lot, and that will make me look good ; and most of those t things I was talking about will help me get all those things. So that’s why there all important , or why I think there important .

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