How to build a Skateboard

May 20, 2008
By Roberto Torres, Marietta, GA

Making a Skateboard

I am now going tell you how to make/build a skateboard. Even though many skaters buy there boards built some skaters chose to buy different trucks, wheels, bearings, screws and bolts, and a different deck. If you to make a skateboard you would need a deck, 4 wheels, 2 trucks, 8 bearings, screws and bolts , and grip tape( some skaters buy optional risers).
First you need to chose a deck size if you are short or young you might want to go with a deck 7.50 inches and smaller (mini), if you are a not kid or short then you have two choices you can either go with a deck 7.50 through 7.825( preferred by street skaters), or you can get a 7.825 or bigger( usually preferred by vert skaters). Next you need to chose your wheels. There isn’t much of a difference between wheels except for that if you are a street skater you might like smaller wheels and if you are a vert skater you might like the bigger wheels more. After that come the bearing, trucks, and bolts. These are 100% up to you how big they are or what color.
Now you are almost done all you have to do now is chose a grip tape and your good to go.

My brother and I prefer to build our decks because we think that it is easier to move around on them and it is easier to skate with them. But it is up to you if you want to buy a built deck or build your own. And that is how you make a skateboard.

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