Music changing the world

August 8, 2012
Have you ever wanted to change the world?

Could changing the world be as simple as being selective about the music you listen to?

Peacebeats--a website created just for music fans--is centered around these two questions. Musicians around the world are campaigning for change, but discovering which musicians are campaigning for certain causes is not easy. Who is fighting hunger? Slavery? Poverty? organizes musicians by cause and genre, allowing fans to find and connect with their favorite musicians and causes.

Peacebeats doesn't just list musicians making a difference; in addition, Peacebeats hosts a calendar dedicated to charitable music events and an online shop that supports musicians who are making a difference. Finally, each musician's page lists ways fans can jump in and join efforts to change the world.

It is possible to change the world by changing the music you listen to. Are you?

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