Triangle Hell

August 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Off the coast of Miami, Florida lays an unseen triangle called the Bermuda Triangle. The Triangle has 3 points connecting it to land. One is Miami, Florida, another is Puerto Rico and the last point is Bermuda. The triangle has been called The Devils Triangle cause of the many disappearances and the so called Mystic creatures that live there.
Some of the disappearances that occurred are as followed; Theodosia Burr Alston, Ellen Austin, USS Cyclops, Carrol A. Deering, Flight 19, Star Tiger and Star Ariel, Dougles DC-3, KC-135 Stratotankers and Connemera
IV. The Government has given some explanations behind the incidents. Like; Compass Variations, Gulf Stream, Human Error, Violent Weather, Methane Hydrates and Rogue Waves.
In every incident the Naval Force and The National Guard have been dispatched to look for the remains of the vessels and aircraft's or the remains of the Black Box. The Black Box is like a little computer in the Airplane that records the flying patterns of the aircraft's and shows the communications on the aircraft's.
The triangle gained more spiciness when a flight to Paris disappeared over the Eiffel Tower into a Fog of clouds and reappeared crashed in the ground the next day. The black box was found, but no credible evidence could be proven to give a final report.
The triangle has said to be linked to Area 51 and Aliens. No evidence has been given to prove these opinions. I wrote this article to tell people that again the Government is covering up more stories do to “National Security”. If we don’t tell the world about these things then nobody will and the government will win in the end of it all.
(For more information of Area 51 loo for “The Forgotten Base”)

The author's comments:
this article will show the world the truth about the Bermuda Triangle.

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