Thank you

August 1, 2012
While going through this chaotic life,I realized there are less and less people I'm gonna be able to trust as I grow up,so no,there doesn't go a day that I don't think of you because honestly,you were the only one that I could of have trusted..You knew me the best.You listened to every stupidity I had to say and I'm thankful.You fixed everything I found wrong and I'm thankful.You were often my mother,keeping strong grip on me through stick and stones,and I'm thankful.You knew what no one else did and still do.You raised me to who I am today,and I'm thankful.But what I'm not thankful is that you left me and yes,that did make me mad.It made me mad cause you left many questions I still needed you to answer.But after many hours of rethinking all this,I realized,you weren't the only one I was mad at.I was mad at myself for not being there for you like you were for me.Through stick and stones.I left you alone to struggle for a way out when you needed me the most.I was selfish cause the fact of losing you was scaring me and I thought that if I didn't see it,then I wouldn't feel it.But I did.I felt it bad and it stung,it stung deeply.Even now after 4 years,I still can't bare with knowing you're not here anymore.I hope one day I'll make it up to you for what I did,and I hope one day I'll find myself enjoying your embrace like I once did.Overall,I wanted to thank you for being my role model,savior,my superman.The one that makes the sunshine in a dark storm.I just want to thank you in a way no words ever would,cause the way you were saving my life has no words to use as an explanation.Thank you

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